RESET® International Standard

RESET is a standard and certification program for high performance buildings, focused on data quality and actionability. It is an acronym for Regenerative Ecological, Social, Economic Targets. BSL offers full-scope services that enable our clients to monitor the air quality in their built environment, solutions to improve indoor air quality, and to RESET certify the space.


The RESET Standard is a data standard focused around long-term monitoring and performance targets rather than being a design standard. The world’s leading companies are integrating the RESET Standard into their core design and operational standards as a cost-effective strategy for maintaining competitiveness.

Monitoring and Data Quality​

Understanding the problem is the first step to solving it. To understand the problem, you need accurate information. RESET structures your monitoring strategy by standardizing the way data is acquired and guarantees the highest quality data for analysis and decision making for problem solving, optimization, and improving operations.

Communication & Building Trust​

Well-governed buildings and spaces leverages responsive communication to build trust with tenants. Responsiveness and transparency are vital to retaining tenants and attracting new ones. RESET is a third-party that can facilitate the building of trust by enabling positive feedback loops and increasing the visibility of data by offering verified data via operationally focused continuous monitoring.

Celebrating Operation and Maintenance

RESET highlights the long-term operation of a built environment by leveraging continuous monitoring, bringing attention to operations and maintenance via data, something which is typically sidelined for the new and the shiny. RESET celebrates operation and maintenance because it is the most important part of healthy and sustainable built environments.

Defining Tenant-Landlord Responsibilities

The built environment requires constant maintenance and upkeep, but there are two parties that reside in each space: the tenant and the landlord. To create a healthy and sustainable space, RESET facilitates the communication between the tenant and landlord by defining the responsibility for each party. This is done via the separation of the project typologies: Commercial Interiors and Core & Shell. With defined responsibility, communication between the two parties becomes much more efficient.

Tenant Engagement

RESET promotes tenant engagement by facilitating the sharing of data between landlords and tenants with defined structures, creating opportunities and new service models to achieve healthy and sustainable metrics that are impossible without the commitment from all parties.

Hedge against Disruptive Threats

The world is changing faster than ever. Technology advancement, climate change, pandemics, and economic fluctuations are disruptive threats that can flip the market on its head very short amounts of time. To hedge against disruptive threats, flexibility is needed. To become flexible, a thorough understanding of your building and space is necessary. RESET facilitates the hedging with a holistic set of data standards for a healthy and sustainable built environment to help you better understand risk and liability.

Attaining RESET®

BSL can assist you to achieve RESET certification for your space with our experienced RESET professionals. We provide effective and easy to implement solutions to improve your indoor air quality, enhance employee productivity, and reduce energy costs.